Now in it’s fourth edition the A L’ARME! Festival invites you to be part of a metaphysical journey to our inner self! The guiding theme of INNER LANDSCAPES & UNKNOWN CHAMBERS lends itself as a potent metaphor for almost every emotional state, wheth- er it be joy, curiosity, pain, desire, awe, the sublime or simply as a space where we search for a sense of deja?-vu and ultimately, beauty…

In our perception of the sensitive and sentient individual, the severe natural phenome- na and outer landscapes such as the desert, wilderness, mountains and ocean with their magnificent panoramas often create a polarizing reflection on the fragility and smallness of humankind in the face of this, the duality of the infinite both of an exterior world and a world within.

Let us consider a realm where musical composition and performance is created in an imaginary space in which we can indulge an affection for music/ sound – one without any tangible or practical purpose – to find a space within this space in-between. Here in this playground of the immeasurable we are consumed by the intensity of this given perceptive space. Here we become free to engage with/in the cognitive processes caused by sound connecting the infinite dimensions and reach of the music, the sound, the space and the body.

Within the frame of contemporary experimental music, A L’ARME! VOL. IV has focused on a theme which addresses the creative artistic construction of these imaginary spaces with the notion of creating a topography of these areas of perception in which ‘inner’ and ‘outer’ events are no longer clearly defined. These could be called liminal interstices, dominated by ambivalence, contradiction or a kind of radicalization of binary oppositions of the tangible and the ephemeral.


These are the UNKNOWN CHAMBERS in which no definition of “either/or” exists, but rather prevail within a connected coexistence. Mental divisions, transformations and transitions are executed playfully and symbolically in a sense reflecting the notion of a kind of ‘rite of passage’ – to be living between realms in this space of the improbable – and to explore this rare state, its transition and flux exposed.

So what does it mean for a festival embarking on an expedition along such treshhold? For what promises to be something of a powerful and intense opening night hosted in the renowned Berlin venue Berghain on the wednesday up until a long emersive Satur- day night at Radialsystem V, when those themes and ideas of INNER LANDSCAPES will be represented and shared by 50 state-of-the-art musicians from three continents.

From incendiary group free-improvisation to contemplative deep-listening and multime- dia performances from world renowned groups and solo acts along with a number of exclusive collaborations between some extraordinary singers and vocal virtuosos, per- forming in English, German and French to experience a vital and relevant voice of free- dom. The festival will thoroughly explore the expansive fields of music and sound- scapes – encompassing what we call avant-garde jazz, free improvisation, psychedel- ic-folk, drone, dark ambient, avant-garde pop and noise. While diving into the percep- tive realms of dream-states and fantasy these sonic encounters make such genres or tags seem meaningless.

A L’ARME! VOL. IV promises to be a challenging experience for musical pilgrims of experimental sound and senses.