YAIR ELAZAR GLOTMAN aka KETEV is a Berlin-based sound artist and interdisciplinary experimentalist focusing on electroacoustic composition, sound installations and sound sculptures. Yair’s sonic world produced under his own name stretches between icy and melancholic layers of sharp drone waves to haunting acoustic experimentation exploring the variety of resonance transmitted by a contrabass.

His compositions are currently concerned with analog tape loops, electronics and, mostly important, THE CONTRABASS – an instrument in which he is classically trained.

For A L’ ARME! Vol. IV he interrogates his chosen instrument, drawing out its hidden resonances, physical vibrations, and exploring the uncharted territory of the instrument’s acoustic dynamic range. Creating a separation between action and outcome, he escapes learned restraint, abandons former training, and develops a method by which concentration and control are translated into a visceral interaction with the bass, uncovering hidden sounds and building an expansive and dynamic sonic palette for the contrabass, beyond the confines of classical virtuosity.