The annual opening ritual of the A L‘ARME! Festival calls for a powerful solo performance by a female musician. The Canadian Sarah Neufeld plays the violin as she accompanies herself with foot stomping and vocals. Neufeld, who was a member of the internationally successful indie rock ensemble Arcade Fire for a number of years, has more recently been introduced to a wider audience through her work with the award-winning saxophonist Colin Stetson. She has also just released her second solo album The Ridge. On the first night of the fourth edition of the A L‘ARME! Festival, she will be presenting a performance that lands somewhere at the nexus of folk music, classical, and indie pop. Neufeld’s sound is as earthy and primeval as it is romantic and will kick off this year’s expedition into our INNER LANDSCAPES & UNKNOWN CHAMBERS against the striking, dramatic backdrop of Berlin’s own Berghain.