A room with view: Olaf Rupp is one of the leading figures of Berlin’s very lively improviser’s scene since years. Following the tradition of consequent improvisation and deep listening, he constantly explores new ways to work with the electric guitar as a tool for musical communication. Xenofox is a hard working Duo project of Rupp and the Berlin-based eclectic drummer Rudi Fischerlehner. As the very special Trio “Xenofox & Joke Lanz”, they present a unique and innovative form of improvised music for the electric guitar, drums and turntables which is highly entertaining and is clearly influenced by trip hop as well as by punk and performance art through the unmistakeable involvement of the Swiss DJ artist and “Sudden Infant” founding member Joke Lanz. Real-time music at its best – in the intimate atmosphere of Radialsystem’s Studio A!

Olaf Rupp (DE) — electric guitar
Rudi Fischerlehner (DE) — drums
Joke Lanz (CH/DE) — turntables