KSIĘŻYC is the Polish word for 'moon', and also perfectly encapsulates the contemplative sound of the Warsaw-based experimental music ensemble of the same name. With a variety of sound sources like two female voices, acoustic instruments (accordion, clarinet, violin or hurdy-gurdy), synths, tapes and objects, they create musical atmospheres that come both eery and beautiful.

The quintet plays an earthy, repetitive form of experimental sound art coupled with moody drones and avant-garde neo-folk allures. *Rabbit Eclipse* (released in 2015 in the UK) is their first album after the reunion. KSIĘŻYC, a living legend, est. in 1990.

Agata Harz (PL) — voice, objects
Katarzyna Smoluk-Moczydłowska (PL) — voice, objects, keyboards
Lechosław Polak (PL) — accordion, keyboards
Remigiusz Mazur Hanaj (PL) — tapes, hurdy-gurdy, violin
Robert Niziński (PL) — clarinet, keyboards, objects