Here we are, happy to announce that our official image for this 2017 edition is complete! Fresh and stretched to the sky. For the occasion Mote Studio worked closely on the design with the artist and art director Sara D’Uva. They tailored the perfect visual vest for this fifth anniversary edition.


The so-called Thurston Moore Group which is made up of top musicians who have worked together with Moore for decades, such as bass guitar heroine Debbie Googe from "My Bloody Valentine" and "Sonic Youth" drummer Steve Shelly, celebrate a contemporary form that's a fresh mixture of no-wave, rock'n'roll and a veritable guitar orgy, and it's sure to rattle the walls of the sacred main hall of Radialsystem V.


For the first time in the young history of A L'ARME!, we're excited to introduce you to our quadraphonic stage setting at Radialsystem V! Please welcome the gentlemen of Marcus Schmickler and Thomas Lehn to take their seats in the center of the “Saal” surrounded by the listening audience to enjoy an electro-acoustic fusion of the digital and the analogue.

K – A – J – A ! ! !

We're delighted to announce the solo performance of Slovenian pianist and composer Kaja Draksler! After her studies in the Netherlands, she decided to stay in Amsterdam where she became part of the engaged DOEK-collective and an active member of the international improvisors scene, performing extensively all over Europe.


Originally conceived as a one-off duo encounter at London's infamous Cafe Oto in 2014, avant-garde guitar gods THURSTON MOORE and CASPAR BRÖTZMANN meet again for the first time since 3 years.


We're happy to announce that the internationally acclaimed trumpeter and composer NATE WOOLEY from New York City is going to develop his ambitious "Seven Storey Mountain" series at A L'ARME! VOL.V!


Ladies & Gents! Here we go! // We're happy to confirm you the dates of our upcoming Festival edition. A L'ARME! VOL. V will take place! This August 02 - 05 2017 at Berghain Berlin & Radialsystem V.

SEVAL — 29th July at Radialsystem V

Under the musical direction of Chicagoan cellist and composer FRED LONBERG-HOLM, the acoustic Jazz quintet »SEVAL« is about to release its 3rd album »FRAGILE« on »Found You Recordings«, mastered by the great Martin Siewert from Austria! They're going to premiere the new music of their so-called »improvised chamber pop« at Radialsystem...

MOHAMMAD — 28th July at Radialsystem V

After the ritual of the festival opening at Berghain, the INNER LANDSCAPES & UNKNOWN CHAMBERS will lead us to the more intimate setting of Radialsystem V and provide us with space for dialogue and contact – or contemplation. The Greek duo MOHAMMAD, made up of sound artists ILIOS and Nikos Veliotis, will lend a radical dimension of physical ...

Daniel O‘Sullivan & Massimo Pupillo present: LANIAKEA

In the language of the indigenous Polynesian people of the Hawaiian Islands, the word LANIAKEA means “immeasurable heaven”. That is what researchers have named the recently discovered galaxy supercluster which spans 500 million light-years and is home to the Milky Way. Thus the name of the brand new duo project from British avant garde musician and singer Daniel O‘Sullivan and Italian electric bass virtuoso Massimo Pupillo from ZU...


The young Swedish saxophonist Anna Högberg belongs to the most sought-after newcomers of the Scandinavian free music movement. Together with her sextet ATTACK! featuring Malin Wättring and Elin Larsson Forkelid on....


One night after performing with FIRE! at Berghain in a modern rock context, the award-winning Swedish baritone saxophonist Mats Gustafsson returns to Radialsystem to present the first fully improvised concert of the festival. The French musician Erwan Keravec belongs to the European avant-garde of the “new bagpipe tradition” and is truly one of the most respected bagpipe virtuosos of....

Fire! & Oren Ambarchi

The legendary Swedish saxophonist Mats Gustafsson is the leader of FIRE!, one of the most talked-about power trios in Europe. Driven by the amazing rhythm section, comprised of Johan Berthling on the bass Andreas Werliin on the drums, together the three musicians spark a psychedelic noise jazz explosion, which is expanded to form a transcendental quartet with the help of Australian experimental guitarist...

Room with a view – 5H Floor: Butcher/Bauer/Meyer

The fifth floor will be turned into an experimental chamber music premiere with a night time view of the Spree River under the stars: the British musician John Butcher is one of the most relevant and influential modern innovators on the tenor saxophone und will come together with the Swiss soprano Sabina Meyer and Berlin-based double bass ...


We value good quality and like to provide great food and drinks on our festival.
From Thursday to Saturday (starting at 6 p.m.) at the festival, PIECHAS will be serving up healthy, low-tech food at Radialsystem. The PIECHA sisters have been dedicated to fresh, local, seasonal organic cuisine for a number..

Sarah’s Solo Ritual

The annual opening ritual of the A L’ARME! Festival calls for a powerful solo performance by a female musician. The Canadian musician Sarah Neufeld plays the violin accompanies herself with foot stomping and vocals. Neufeld, who was a member of the internationally successful indie rock ensemble Arcade Fire for a number of years, has more recently been ...

Eclecticism in the 21st century

Hans Unstern belongs to Germany's most relevant poets of the modern age. Since his break-through debut album »Kratz Dich Raus« from 2009, it is obvious that sub-genres or labels such as singer/songwriter, d.i.y., avant-garde pop or queer won't do him justice anymore. Unstern's uncompromising words explode the listener's fantasy as...

Star-bright nights of powerful visions & infinity

FOVEA HEX continue to be one of the most intriguing phenomena in contemporary music. Clodagh Simonds visionary ensemble has developed an enviable cult status both in Europe and the United States, have performed at the personal invitation of David Lynch in the gardens of the Cartier Foundation in Paris...

Hidden resonances, physical vibrations & unknown chambers – A Journey con (tra) bass!

YAIR ELAZAR GLOTMAN aka KETEV is a Berlin-based sound artist and interdisciplinary experimentalist focusing on electroacoustic composition, sound installations and sound sculptures. Yair’s sonic world produced under his own name stretches between icy and melancholic layers of sharp drone waves to haunting acoustic....

Trondheim Jazz Orchestra & Kristoffer Lo

SAVAGES! Get ready for the transcendental energy of the TRONDHEIM JAZZ ORCHESTRA! Since 1999, the Norwegian ensemble is operated as a musicians' pool, so that the orchestra changes as to instrumentation and size from project to project: under the musical direction of the tuba player, multi-instrumentalist and composer KRISTOFFER LO, the 13-piece-ensemble presents a powerful mix....