The Art of Duo!

After numerous Festival appearances in the last years at the A L'ARME!, 75 years old free-music-legend Peter Brötzmann returns to Radialsystem V once more presenting a brand new project that is incomparable to any of his previous works: the encounter of the American-british pedal steel guitar virtuoso Heather Leigh...


TRANSFER connects electric guitarist Andy Moor from Amsterdam with French performer, writer and vocalist Anne-James Chaton. At Radialsystem V, they present their self-titled poetry guitar music in an A/V-performance context, accompanied by...


TOWER GARDENS ROAD WAS AN ISLAND SURROUNDED BY privet hedge and a rich wilderness out the back, around which the grime and grot of North London flowed, never penetrating.This fortress against the modern rush was sha- ped and transformed inside and out by the love and creati- vity of Ian Johnstone, gentleman satyr and Coil affiliate....

Enjoy The Silence

Aller Anfang liegt im Abgrund des Anfangs. Stille. Oder Noise? Rauschen. Oder unhörbare Sphärenharmonie? „Das ewige Schweigen dieser unendlichen Räume erschreckt mich“, beichtet Pascal. Die Abgründigkeit des Denkens als Problem der Hörbarkeit. Unendliche Weiten. Und wieder: Stille. Der menschliche Mangel. Besser die Ohren öffnen, als ins Space-Shuttle steigen?


SEVAL got confirmed for the A L'ARME! 2016's edition.

Mohammad on board

MOHAMMAD hailing from Greece will play A L'ARME! Festival Vol. IV

Ladies & Gents…

Ladies & Gents, let's go deeper and rise up with A L'ARME Vol. IV!