SEVAL — 29th July at Radialsystem V

Under the musical direction of Chicagoan cellist and composer FRED LONBERG-HOLM, the acoustic Jazz quintet »SEVAL« is about to release its 3rd album »FRAGILE« on »Found You Recordings«, mastered by the great Martin Siewert from Austria! They’re going to premiere the new music of their so-called »improvised chamber pop« at Radialsystem V on Friday 29th July — with the Swedish gentlemen of EMIL STRANDBERG on trumpet, PATRIC TORMAN on double-bass, acoustic guitarist DAVID STACKENÄS and the extraordinary SOFIA JERNBERG on vocals.

photo by Jon Edergren

MOHAMMAD — 28th July at Radialsystem V

After the ritual of the festival opening at Berghain, the INNER LANDSCAPES & UNKNOWN CHAMBERS will lead us to the more intimate setting of Radialsystem V and provide us with space for dialogue and contact – or contemplation. The Greek duo MOHAMMAD, made up of sound artists ILIOS and Nikos Veliotis, will lend a radical dimension of physical tangibility this event

“More than just the trio’s name conjures a sense of religiosity: their melodies evoke liturgical chanting” – The Wire

at the start of the second evening. MOHAMMAD’s low-frequency waves of electric cello and oscillators result in a carefully composed concert experience that is as powerfully intense and romantic as it is reflective. They describe their sound as “chamber doom” which takes the audience on a journey into the depths of the subconscious and which gives the listener a first impression that can only truly unfold when experienced live.

photo by Eduardo Ferrão

Daniel O‘Sullivan & Massimo Pupillo present: LANIAKEA


DANIEL O‘SULLIVAN (GB) — voice, electronics

MASSIMO PUPILLO (IT) — electric bass


JESSICA MOSS (CA) — violin



In the language of the indigenous Polynesian people of the Hawaiian Islands, the word LANIAKEA means “immeasurable heaven”. That is what researchers have named the recently discovered galaxy supercluster which spans 500 million light-years and is home to the Milky Way. Thus the name of the brand new duo project from British avant-garde musician and singer Daniel O‘Sullivan and Italian electric bass virtuoso Massimo Pupillo from ZU perfectly mirrors our cosmic homeland. Laniakea is their musical homage to the perception of space and time, the artistic and spiritual inheritance of their musician friends who have passed away, constantly pursuing the secret of spiritual connections, archaic roots and emotional intelligence. While O‘Sullivan is mainly known internationally for his work in groups such as Ulver, Grumbling Fur, Æthenor, Mothlite and Sunn O))), Pupillo is an established A L’ARME! all-star and has been a guest of the festival in a variety of contexts. On the opening night of the fourth edition of the festival, they will be presenting a conceptual concert, accompanied live by renowned French singer François Testory who used to perform with Coil, Canadian violinist Jessica Moss as well as Neil Leiter & Margaret Hermant from the Belgium-based Echo Collective on the viola. Laniakea’s music is filled with mystical beauty, poetry, and spiritual power; it combines repetitive drone metal with the ethereal aesthetics of O’Sullivans’ synthesizer-inflected electronica. At the same time, their performance will also serve as the record release show for their recently released debut album A Pot Of Powdered Nettles.


The young Swedish saxophonist Anna Högberg belongs to the most sought-after newcomers of the Scandinavian free music movement. Together with her sextet ATTACK! featuring Malin Wättring and Elin Larsson Forkelid on tenor saxophone, Anna Lund on drums, bass player Elsa Bergman and pianist Lisa Ullén, she serves up acoustic fireworks that are as lyrical as they are explosive including composed and improvised elements, shaped by an irrepressible playfulness and passion. The two double concertos in the concert hall of Radialsystem V are the perfect platform for all the beauty and versatility of ANNA HÖGBERG ATTACK! presenting modern Jazz with attitude and style.


One night after performing with FIRE! at Berghain in a modern rock context, the award-winning Swedish baritone saxophonist Mats Gustafsson returns to Radialsystem to present the first fully improvised concert of the festival. The French musician Erwan Keravec belongs to the European avant-garde of the “new bagpipe tradition” and is truly one of the most respected bagpipe virtuosos of our time. Under the project title LUFT, the Duo creates a highly energetic wall of sound in real time — a poetic symbiosis of drone, traditional Scottish folk music, European free jazz aesthetics and a sound that can best be described as French Modern music.

Fire! & Oren Ambarchi

The legendary Swedish saxophonist Mats Gustafsson is the leader of FIRE!, one of the most talked-about power trios in Europe. Driven by the amazing rhythm section, comprised of Johan Berthling on the bass Andreas Werliin on the drums, together the three musicians spark a psychedelic noise jazz explosion, which is expanded to form a transcendental quartet with the help of Australian experimental guitarist Oren Ambarchi. FIRE!’s sweeping, rhythmic improvisations and compositions engender a powerful, meditative quality that is shaped by tremendous density and expansive emotional depth. While the Swedish core trio regularly take part in a wide range of small and large orchestral collaborations, the exclusive highlight of the opening of the festival will be a concert experience the likes of which has never before been seen in Berlin.

Room with a view – 5H Floor: Butcher/Bauer/Meyer

The fifth floor will be turned into an experimental chamber music premiere with a night time view of the Spree River under the stars: the British musician John Butcher is one of the most relevant and influential modern innovators on the tenor saxophone und will come together with the Swiss soprano Sabina Meyer and Berlin-based double bass player Matthias Bauer at Studio A — two exceptional musicians who have moved between the worlds of New Music, musical theater, and improvised music for decades. An exclusive, cross-genre festival production in the intimate setting of Studio A that has never been performed live before in Berlin in this form.




We value good quality and like to provide great food and drinks on our festival.

From Thursday to Saturday (starting at 6 p.m.) at the festival, PIECHAS will be serving up healthy, low-tech food at Radialsystem. The PIECHA sisters have been dedicated to fresh, local, seasonal organic cuisine for a number of years. In direct marketing with Brandenburger producers the two sisters create modern European dishes following the slogan: buy local – eat global.

We love FIEGL wine! The Fiegl family’s roots reach all the way back to the year 1782. Their goal? To capture the essence of their region in a glass of wine, to exalt the organolectic features of the Collio grounds, very difficult to cultivate but full of mineral salts! Discover their delicious Ribolla Gialla, Malvasia & Cabernet Sauvignon. Their secret lies in the deep culture of the territory. Exclusively for A L´ARME! festival guests: on the Spreeterasse (starting at 6 p.m. with the producer on site!)

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Sarah's Solo Ritual

The annual opening ritual of the A L‘ARME! Festival calls for a powerful solo performance by a female musician. The Canadian Sarah Neufeld plays the violin as she accompanies herself with foot stomping and vocals. Neufeld, who was a member of the internationally successful indie rock ensemble Arcade Fire for a number of years, has more recently been introduced to a wider audience through her work with the award-winning saxophonist Colin Stetson. She has also just released her second solo album The Ridge. On the first night of the fourth edition of the A L‘ARME! Festival, she will be presenting a performance that lands somewhere at the nexus of folk music, classical, and indie pop. Neufeld’s sound is as earthy and primeval as it is romantic and will kick off this year’s expedition into our INNER LANDSCAPES & UNKNOWN CHAMBERS against the striking, dramatic backdrop of Berlin’s own Berghain.

Eclecticism in the 21st century

Hans Unstern belongs to Germany’s most relevant poets of the modern age. Since his break-through debut album »Kratz Dich Raus« from 2009, it is obvious that sub-genres or labels such as singer/songwriter, d.i.y., avant-garde pop or queer won’t do him justice anymore. Unstern’s uncompromising words explode the listener’s fantasy as question marks remain. The result is a polarizing concert performance – both edgy & lyrical – entitled »The Great Hans Unstern Swindle« for guitars, drums, bass, brass and a handful of self-made harps.

At Radialsystem, Unstern presents his current Live line-up featuring the performing artist Tucké Royale, Pauline Boeykens on Sousaphone and musicians who are rather known in the Berlin-based Jazz scene such as the rhythm section Simon Bauer/Daniel Schroeteler or special guest & A L’ARME! all-star Els Vandeweyer on harps and vibraphone.